The case studies – Priolo, Milazzo-Pace del Mela, Crotone

The project will be developed in the context of three Sites of National Interest (Priolo, Milazzo-Pace del Mela, Crotone) which, due to its specificity and modality of anthropogenic impact on the environment, the ecosystem and human health, cover a wide spectrum of types of interest. In particular, for the first two areas mentioned, preliminary information is available, in some cases in-depth information on the contamination status of the SIN areas, as well as descriptive epidemiological information for the resident populations. The type of impact is also differentiated, since Priolo is characterized by the environmental impact of the biggest petrochemical plant in Europe, while Milazzo is a strategic area for the oil refining in the Mediterranean. On the other hand, the SIN of Crotone is currently little studied and there is relatively limited knowledge of the impact of the contamination of the industrial complex, now closed, on the health of the ecosystem and of human beings. In the area of ​​Crotone there are also important archaeological excavations that make the area ​​particularly prestigious, and interesting from a touristic and humanistic point of view. Therefore, precisely the SIN of Crotone will be a laboratory area on which an “environment and health” integrated and multidisciplinary research project can be set up, as well as a modern way to reorganize territorial planning scenarios suitable for the protection of the health of the environment and human beings in areas with a strong industrial impact.

Finally, a deep sea sector will be selected, characterized by previous contamination phenomena due to the effect of different types of pollutants. Problems related to the methods of distribution, dispersion and impact on the ecosystem and on human health will be analyzed for a “point-like” contamination phenomena with effects on the basin scales.


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