Contaminants in the environment

The objective of this Package or Thematic Line is to understand the mechanisms regulating the emission of contaminants into the environment, starting from the source of emission. Sources, transfer dynamics and mechanisms that regulate the “fate” of the contaminants in the various environmental compartments, will be very useful, with an accurate analysis of the interaction processes at the interfaces of the different matrices (atmosphere, water, soil, sea, sediments), for understanding the study of biogeochemical models of contaminants in the environment. The actions described below are aimed at studying the chemical-physical processes that regulate the thermodynamics and kinetics of the phenomena of distribution of contaminants in the various environmental matrices considered, as well as the phenomena of the transfer of such contaminants to the ecosystem and the human compartment.

Interface flows, mass balances, the study of contamination chronology and “inventories” of pollutants will support the study of the potential transfer and bioaccumulation capacity of the so-called xenobiotics in the ecosystem and in human beings.

The research activities envisaged are as follows:

  • Analysis of sources of contaminants;
  • Distribution of contaminants
  • Pathways of contaminants
  • “Fate” of contaminants
  • Evaluation of the toxicity of atmospheric particulate contaminants
  • Transfer of contaminants to the ecosystem and to human beings



Daresena Nuova NORD

Darsena Nuova cantiere

Darsena vecchia

Lungomare paradiso 1

Lungomare paradiso 2

Lungomare paradiso 3


Capitaneria Milazzo 1

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Crotone Site 1 and Site 2

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